Can you risk letting your next prospective student fall Asleep?

SNORYTELLING without StudentBridge

STORYTELLING with StudentBridge


Traditional marketing not telling your real story? Get better content.

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Visitors not sticking around? Get a better experience.

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Stealth visitors limiting your relationships? Get more insight.

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Be where your students are 24/7

Video Viewbook

Amplify the story of your school, faculty and students.

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Self-guided campus tour app when you aren’t available.

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Interactive Maps

Virtual campus experience with videos and 360° images.

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Your one stop shop

Easy and engaging enrollment solutions

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Case Studies

"We needed a solution that would enable us to create three types of interactions: 1) ones that help students take care of the transactional business of deciding and enrolling, 2) ones that help students get to know the campus and university and 3) ones that help students make meaningful connections to faculty, staff, and current students. For us, StudentBridge had all three."  

Jeff Gant
Director of Undergraduate Admissions Enrollment Management
Montclair State University
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