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Interactive Campus Map

Our easy-to-implement platform is fully optimized and feature rich so you can deliver the ultimate mobile and social campus experience.

  • Incorporate clear calls to action
  • Hot spots allow you to bring your campus map to life and highlight key locations using images or video
  • Virtual campus tour that shows the full story of your campus

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VisiTOURTM allows on-campus visitors to engage with your campus in meaningful way. Visitors can view nearby buildings, take a self-guide standard admissions tour or create their own personalized tour based on their unique interests.

  • Drive increased calls-to-action encouraging stealth visitors to engage while on campus, turning visitors into prospects.
  • Provide a relevant and personal campus tour experience to visitors by allowing them to see the locations that interest them.
  • Prospective students can put meaning to the buildings on your campus and start to imagine their live as a student.

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