7 Ways to Measure the Success of Your College Virtual Event

Heather Sumperl |Mar 22, 2021

Congratulations on hosting your Virtual Event! Now it’s time to measure its success by digging into the analytics — one of the major benefits of holding an online event. But, how do you even begin to make sense of all of these numbers to identify what truly matters?

This week, we break down 7 ways to measure student engagement through dashboard metrics.

Why it matters

Before you can begin to analyze any other data, you need to understand the total traffic driving your results.

Increase visit traffic by:

Why it matters

The number of unique visitors gives you a truer picture of actual event attendees.

Increase your number of unique visitors by:

Why it matters

The visit duration measures audience engagement, -- the longer the session, the more engaged the audience.

Increase engagement by:

Why it matters

You want to make sure that your visitors stay for your event and are drawn to explore further afterwards.

Lower your bounce rate by:

Why it matters

Knowing where your prospects are coming from will help you direct your future campaign efforts. Perhaps you saw a spike in out-of-state visitor traffic -- armed with this information you can pivot and hone in on different audiences.

Use this data when:

Why it matters

Make sure that your event platform is built with responsive design for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to navigate a site that is not optimized correctly for user experience.

Today’s students want:

Why it matters

The primary goal of your virtual event is to get your prospective students to take the next step.

Achieve higher conversion rates by:

Our flexible, customizable digital engagement platform was used for over 50 virtual events in 2020 from Open Houses to Admitted Students Days to Orientation. And, data suggests that students have responded favorably to these events with participation and engagement up over 35%.

But, don’t just take our word for it. See what our partners have to say:

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