Admissions Marketing: 5 Resolutions for 2018 to Reach Your Prospects

StudentBridge Staff |Jan 26, 2018

As you settle back into work mode this month, you are probably still pondering ways to engage with prospective students better than last year. You may have a Rocky montage running through your mind about how you are going to approach your admissions marketing strategy differently this time around, or maybe you’re just dreading that meeting with your boss about how you need to extend the deadline - again - to make sure enough applicants will make it in.

Traditionally, February is where New Year’s Resolutions go to die, so here are 5 habits you should be sure to keep throughout 2018 to help you stay on track to reach more students, improve your admissions and enrollment numbers, and meet your admissions marketing goals.

1. Plan for success


Failed marketing plans often come from being inflexible with the strategy you’ve set for the year. Revisit and adjust your marketing plans. Is it still in tune with all the new trends and topics? You may find that your fall recruitment tactics no longer appear attractive to prospective students as the admissions deadline draws closer- Don’t be afraid to feed your original plan a tide pod and create a more powerful strategy.

2. Explore new roads


It seems the functions and varieties of social media change faster than you can make a snapchat of your breakfast. Social media experts recommend doing quick “social media audits” to analyze and subsequently mould a social media strategy that yields more engagement. Make it a regular habit to conduct audits and explore new social media trends to establish connections with both current and prospective students.

3. Find your mojo


Executing marketing plans can be taxing. It is natural to lose some of that new year motivation as the Spring admissions season winds down. To drive up enthusiasm, cultivate healthy company culture that provides incentives to your admissions team to reach their goals. Treat yourselves to an office dartboard, make smoothies instead of coffee, maybe even have a bring your puppy to work day! Forbes Magazine attests to empowering office culture translating into better marketing. 2018 should be the year of changes not only in marketing strategy but in the physical and social space in which you work.

4. Review the results


There is so much to keep in mind when trying to execute your marketing strategy. You must be creating content, maintaining social tools, reading about the industry, etc. Before you lose yourself in your day-to-day tasks, make sure to take time out of your schedule to review the results of all your work. Being a results-focused marketer gives you valuable insight into what you are doing right or wrong.

5. Spend time getting to know your prospects.


Watch the TV shows they watch, read the articles they read, worship the same memes they worship! The more you know about your prospective students, the easier it will be to create marketing strategies that keep them thinking about your school.

2018 is bound to be a big year for admissions marketing. Highlighting advancements in artificial intelligence, personalized customer experiences, and overall marketing dynamics, we’re facing the emergence of an entirely new marketing era. To grow within this rapidly-evolving space, industry marketers must constantly evaluate and re-evaluate their strategies; this means actively researching to make your schemes better, innovating when needed, and continually questioning your current plan.

The main takeaway from these resolutions? Be open to making changes and remain agile all through the year!