Attract Out-of-State Applicants to Increase Student Enrollment

Lauren Cunningham |Nov 03, 2022

Many students can't travel with their families to visit campuses in person. That means they might only consider colleges close to home because they're easily accessible. Educational institutions might focus their marketing efforts on locals, forgetting about the breadth of prospective students across the country.

You can bring the college experience to out-of-state visitors with immersive digital solutions. By incorporating unique and personalized features into your marketing strategies, you cast a wider net and communicate your story, values, and mission to a more diverse audience.

Research the Needs and Goals of Out-of-State Applicants

Creating a successful virtual experience requires research. You must know who your target audience is and understand their behaviors. Students often apply to out-of-state colleges for specific reasons. They're interested in distinct programs with clearly defined career paths. Many want the opportunity to participate in athletics, explore innovative classroom technologies, or interact with a diverse student population.

Creativity is essential in digital storytelling. You can convey a strong, distinctive message to prospective students about your college's history, academics, and campus life. Instead of wondering what it would be like to attend your school, out-of-state applicants can experience it with an array of engaging digital features. Virtual programs capture your audience's attention and transport them to your campus without ever setting foot on it.

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Features You Should Consider to Drive Out-of-State Student Enrollment

Out-of-state students might not have the opportunity to tour your campus in person. That means you must provide innovative ways of visiting without the prospective student being there physically.

You should consider incorporating these StudentBridge features into your website for out-of-state prospects:

Interactive Campus Maps – Promote your college with content highlighting its selling points. Interactive maps are three-dimensional, offering depth and detail that traditional maps can't provide. You can highlight more than the exterior parts of your campus. An interactive map takes visitors beyond the buildings and walkways. It allows them to view areas they would see during a physical tour with 360-degree images and descriptions of each location with embedded links.

VisiTOUR™ - StudentBridge offers educational institutions a campus tour app when in-person tours are out of reach for out-of-state students. Visitors can set their own pace and choose what they want to see first. Instead of following a tour guide, they determine where on campus they want to go and for how long. The app leverages Google Maps to show visitors 360-degree images of each stop during the tour and provides essential information through audio and text.

Video Viewbook – A Video Viewbook tells the story of your college, students, and faculty. You can engage prospective students with impactful videos leaving a lasting impression. They don't have to imagine what their time at your college will look like. They can experience it digitally with each interactive video they watch.

Virtual Events – On-campus events are effective in recruiting new students. However, they come with limitations. Out-of-state students often can't attend. Offering virtual events is a practical solution. You expand your college's reach, increasing attendance and participation.

CampusBubble – At StudentBridge, we offer CampusBubble, a social engagement platform students can use to interact with each other. Keep them informed of announcements, events, and additional information. They can join public or private chat groups and receive real-time responses about various topics.

How StudentBridge Can Help You

Augsburg University wanted to expand its recruiting efforts to students outside their immediate metro area. Their goal was to attract out-of-state students by offering the campus experience to those who couldn't visit in person. They wanted to utilize a virtual engagement tool that would allow their digital audience to see their facilities.

StudentBridge helped by designing an interactive campus map for Augsburg University. It showcases the campus with various points of interest and information for visitors. There are also photos providing a complete view of each building. Prospective students gain a unique insight into campus life by watching embedded videos narrated by current students.

According to the Assistant Direct of Admissions, Augsburg welcomed their second-largest class in the institution's history since launching the interactive maps. Enrollment soared even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Reach Out-of-State Applicants with Strategic Digital Solutions

At StudentBridge, we help educational institutions create memorable and unique digital content to engage prospective students and drive enrollment.

With our Tech Platform, you receive a range of features to incorporate into a fully immersive digital experience. The program provides real-time analytics, automatic updates for accessibility, privacy, and security compliance, and ongoing edits or changes. It also enables personalization, so visitors to your website have an experience tailored to their needs.

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