Four Unique Digital College Recruitment Materials That Make a Diverse Range of Students Want to Apply

Lauren Cunningham |Jan 23, 2023

Choosing the right recruitment strategies allows your college to discover, connect with, and understand prospective students better, driving enrollment. You must select methods that can reach a diverse audience and engage them in a way traditional marketing can’t. Here, you will find four unique digital college recruitment materials to attract diverse students to your school.

Offer Virtual Events for Prospects Who Can’t Travel

Many applicants can’t attend campus events. They might not have the money or time to drive to a different state or fly to another country. By offering virtual events, you give prospective students access to faculty, current students, and alum from the comfort of their homes. You appeal to a broader audience despite the in-person and geographic limitations.

StudentBridge’s virtual event solutions replace traditional campus events by allowing your prospects to interact with others without setting foot on campus. It is an effective method to increase attendance and participation and immerse candidates in a unique virtual world. Our team can help you create and embed compelling content for viewers to interact and engage with other attendees on demand.

Promote Transparency by Telling the Story of Your School

Storytelling is beneficial for recruiting new students to colleges. You want to promote your brand with an authentic story about campus life, academics, and other aspects of your school that make it attractive to website visitors.

Consider embracing intent marketing. Instead of focusing on the appropriate demographics, focus on consumer behavior. The people who visit your college’s website want to feel a connection. They look for a personalized experience to determine whether it’s a suitable place for them to attend.

A video viewbook can highlight the most valuable asset you have to offer: your story. You can customize the video viewbook to promote your school’s values and make a significant impression on your audience. Highlight the beauty of your campus with high-quality images and information your prospects want to know.

Start a Conversation with Real-Time Chat Features

A chat feature is an excellent way to connect prospective students from all over the world with current students. However, communicating with a chatbot isn’t as personal as a conversation with a live person. By incorporating CampusBubble from StudentBridge, you allow students to interact in real-time through public or private bubbles or groups.

Prospective students can discuss their favorite topics with others by browsing different groups and requesting to join ones that pique their interest. Chatting with people who can pave the way for their potential future on campus and other prospects in the same boat creates a sense of community. They will feel more connected and discover their place at your school before attending.

Personalize Your Marketing Strategy to Connect with Prospective Applicants

Digital marketing is about more than slapping some simple content onto your website. You want to personalize the visitor’s experience so they get a sense of what your campus can provide them. Attracting a diverse group of prospective students requires considering what they look for in a college. You're not only trying to appeal to locals. You want to cast the net wide to convince out-of-town and international students that your school is the best choice to meet their needs.

Creating an effective personalized marketing strategy requires understanding each prospect’s concerns, desires, and motives while looking at potential colleges. You can expand your digital reach with a virtual campus tour. Your audience doesn’t have to worry about conflicting schedules or travel costs when they can visit your campus whenever they want.

Prospective students can experience campus life with a self-guided campus tour app. They’re not limited to a specific timeframe or sites a tour guide shows them. They can choose what they want to see and how long they spend at each location.

VisiTour™ uses Google Maps to guide visitors around the campus in real-time. Audio, text, and 360-degree images highlight every stop with engaging content to allow them to experience life on campus.

Get Help Attracting Diverse Applicants to Your College

Attracting your target audience means connecting with them at every stage of the funnel. Innovative, unique marketing strategies are essential. However, you must not forget about functionality. Digital recruitment isn't a set-it-and-forget-it approach. Your audience wants to learn everything they can about your college with the click of a mouse. Boring content or a landing page that loads slowly won't keep the visitor's attention.

At StudentBridge, we offer a Tech Platform with a range of features to customize your website. You can access real-time analytics to learn what works and what doesn’t. Keep your content engaging and informative with personalization and ongoing edits.

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