Four Ways Hybrid Events Contribute to Your College’s Sustainable Development Goals

Lauren Cunningham |Jan 03, 2023

Hybrid events combine in-person and virtual elements to promote increased attendance, more participation, and better engagement. Traditional campus events are no longer the primary option for hosting prospective students. Although educational institutions continue to hold physical events on campus, more are adding virtual features to break geographical and financial barriers.

Here, you will find four ways hybrid events can help your college meet its sustainable development goals.

Cut Down on Waste and Emissions

Pamphlets, travel mugs, catalogs, and other materials attendees receive at campus events create waste. Many bring those items home, while others throw them in the trash. Promotional products seem like an excellent method of keeping your college at the forefront of prospective students' minds. However, when people dispose of them, the extra waste can harm the environment.

Out-of-town students and their families drive or fly to get to campus events. Air travel leaves the most significant carbon footprint out of every transportation method. If hundreds of attendees fly to your school for an event, you’re responsible for contributing to carbon emissions.

A hybrid event is the best of both worlds. You cut down on waste and emissions while promoting active participation and engagement across digital platforms. By allowing prospective students to interact with others in a virtual environment, you decrease the amount of waste and carbon emissions your event creates.

Eliminate Financial Limitations

Traditional campus recruitment events can be costly. Local students don’t have to travel as far as others but will likely spend money on gas, bus fare, and food during the commute. International and out-of-state attendees must pay for airfare, lodging, and other travel expenses. Those bills add up and create financial burdens.

Many families can’t afford to physically visit campuses preventing potential enrollees from getting to know your school, faculty, and other students. That means your prospects might choose a more accessible college when it comes time to apply and enroll.

A hybrid event allows people from all economic standings to attend and learn more about your educational institution and everything it offers. Prospective students can discuss the academic programs they find interesting and discover activities they can participate in if they enroll. They don’t have to worry about traveling when they have access to a fully immersive virtual experience from the comfort of their home.

Create Accessibility for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities often have mobility issues. Some require a wheelchair to get around, while others can walk but have trouble standing for long periods. Attending an event in person might not be possible for someone with a physical disability or impairment. As an educational institution, you must cater your events to prospective students from all walks of life. That means accommodating everyone’s needs.

The virtual element of a hybrid event allows disabled individuals to attend campus events without the hardship of an in-person experience. You elicit an emotional response that fuels a connection when your attendees feel welcome and accepted. Attendees can connect with alums, current students, and other potential applicants without feeling uncomfortable in a large crowd or inaccessible space. They can focus on asking questions and learning about campus life in a stress-free digital world.

Cater to a Diverse Group

Students from underrepresented backgrounds and international attendees encounter significant obstacles when previewing colleges. High traveling costs, passport and visa issues, work schedules, and financial obligations create barriers for people seeking higher education. People of color and women are disproportionately affected by these challenges.

Catering to a diverse group with a hybrid event promotes inclusion. By allowing people from around the world to attend your college’s event, prospective students feel accepted. They develop a connection with your brand and trust your institution to meet their needs and interests. They can meet new people and build strong relationships despite never seeing the campus in person. Facilitating a diverse campus community is beneficial to continued growth and sustainability.

Achieve Your Sustainable Development Goals with StudentBridge

Hybrid events elevate the campus experience for prospective students while embracing sustainability, affordability, and inclusivity. You can host an unforgettable event for in-person guests and include virtual attendees to expand your reach and introduce a diverse group to your educational institution.

At StudentBridge, we offer multiple solutions for your college to promote brand awareness and drive enrollment. Check out our Video Viewbook, VisiTOUR™, and Virtual Events features for your next hybrid event. Request a demo with us or call (678) 824-8181 to learn more about our services and what we can do for you.


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