Graduate School Recruitment: Similarities & Differences in Comparison to Undergraduate Admissions

StudentBridge Staff |Jul 27, 2016

When discussing undergraduate versus graduate admissions, the two seem like very different tasks. One is targeted at teenagers, about to leave home for the first time while the other looks at many generations who are trying to take their education or career one step further. And while it may seem that a completely different strategy is required for each group, the two are more similar than one may think. In the industry, there is little about the field of graduate admissions and how video, our specialty, could be useful for them. Because of this, we decided to start a conversation about graduate admissions and how it compares to its undergraduate counterpart. This paper will discuss the differences and similarities between the two, and from this, how to best approach recruitment for graduate programs.

Differences and Similarities: How They Compare



How to Best Approach Graduate Recruitment

Given these differences and similarities, what is the best tactic to approach graduate recruitment? We have compiled a few tips to optimize graduation recruitment practices.

In the search for a graduate school, 72% of students write a short list before even making contact. 93% of students end up enrolling at a school from their short list. Given the highly focused nature of the graduate school search, it’s important as an institution to make sure prospective students have access to the information they need, and that it is presented in an engaging manner.


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