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How to Attract Diverse Students to Your Campus

Lauren Cunningham |Jul 07, 2021

All colleges and universities strive to have a well-rounded student body that represents a wide range of backgrounds, passions and personalities. However, it can be a challenge to find a balance between attracting students who are a “typical” fit for your institution and creating this type of diversity within each class.

Be Purposeful and Patient

Now more than ever, high schoolers put an emphasis on diversity in their college search. The experiences of current students will influence the perception prospective students have of your institution, so attracting a more diverse range of students won’t happen overnight.

It can take many years of persistent efforts to see results, and requires participation and dedication across your campus. This can include creating more accessible financial aid, hiring more diverse faculty and staff members, and creating new programming. However, recruitment efforts start with what, and more importantly who, your prospective students see on your website and social media channels.

Vary Your Content

During their college search, high school juniors want to see a variety of programs and activities offered at your institution. In a recent Niche survey, only 34% said athletics was an unimportant factor in their search, and only 26% said the same about arts. This means that the majority of students are interested in learning about one or both of these topics, and they should be highlighted in your messaging accordingly.

“Day-in-the-life” videos from current students are one of the top video resources high school students want to see from colleges and universities. They care about what it is truly like to live and learn on your campus. Even more notably, prospective students want to see people who look like them in your content, as more than half of high school juniors surveyed indicated that this was important to them when considering which colleges to apply to.

My Five Faves

Here at StudentBridge, we have created a solution called My Five Faves that allows you to highlight the diversity of your student body and their interests through video vignettes. These videos follow current students as they show off their five favorite spots on campus and discuss how those locations factor into how they spend their time as a student. My Five Faves allows you to showcase students involved in different extracurricular activities, such as multicultural organizations, Greek life, intramural sports and everything in between!

Using My Five Faves, your institution can promote how current students from a range of backgrounds and with various interests experience campus life. By giving all prospective students a way to put themselves in the shoes of a current student who they can relate to, My Five Faves can assist your school on its journey toward attracting a more diverse class.

Find out more about how your institution could benefit from implementing My Five Faves by scheduling a meeting with StudentBridge today.