How To Create a Hybrid College Recruitment Strategy to Attract and Engage Prospective Students

Lauren Cunningham |Nov 21, 2022

College recruitment is also a form of marketing. As such, colleges and universities are under pressure to continuously adapt their recruitment strategies to the ever-changing landscape of technology and social media use among prospective students.

Here’s how to create a hybrid college recruitment strategy to attract and engage prospective students:

Step 1: Focus on Attractive, Engaging Content

With so many institutions for students to choose from nowadays, it is critical to set yourself apart from the rest by creating attractive and engaging content for prospective students. This will give them a reason to want to learn more about your school and visit your campus. Here are some strategies your college should consider to attract and engage new students:

students walking to class

Interactive Campus Maps

One of the most important pieces of content you can give to a prospective college student is an interactive campus map. Students want to get a feel for the layout of the school and see if it has everything they need before they commit to attending.

Creating an interactive campus map is made easy with StudentBridge. Their software makes it simple to add your school’s buildings, parking lots, and other important landmarks. Plus, you can include photos and videos to give prospective students a better sense of the community that they can expect when they enroll in your institution.

Campus Video Tours

Aside from interactive maps, you can elevate potential students’ viewing experiences by providing video tours of your campus. This is especially useful for those who cannot visit in person or live far away.

StudentBridge’s Video Viewbook offers an immersive digital experience by delivering engaging, interactive college videos that tell the story of your campus and students. Make a great first impression and keep your recruits coming back for more by delivering an impactful video experience.

Tour Apps

Once prospects are ready to take a closer look at your school, they will be searching for information about the school’s programs, admissions requirements, and campus life. To make your school stand out, create a tour app that is interactive and informative.

Give potential students the autonomy to explore your campus through self-guided tours. VisiTOUR by StudentBridge is one solution that offers an engaging, multimedia platform for school tours.

Transylvania University has maximized this tool by allowing families and students to tour the campus independently while understanding the school’s message and culture. In just a few months, Transylvania University’s VisiTOUR users reached 12,000, which helped them increase their yield rate.

Step 2: Increase Online Brand Presence

Your online brand presence is one of the most essential tools you have to reach prospective students. To attract them, you must ensure your website is up-to-date and informative.

It’s also crucial that your school is active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. By being present online, you’ll be able to connect with more prospects and increase your chances of getting their attention.

Two additional tools you can use to improve your online brand presence include podcasts and webinars.


Podcasts have become an increasingly popular way to consume content and are a great way to connect with prospective students. This type of content allows recruiters to show their personality and build trust with potential students.

StudentBridge can help you maximize podcasts to promote your school and provide first-hand information to future enrollees.


Webinars are another excellent way to get your school’s name out there and increase brand awareness. They also allow you to engage with prospective students more personally than other online methods.

You can take a page from StudentBridge’s webinars on how to provide information about your school, the admissions process, financial aid, student life, and what to do before expanding your recruitment footprint. This virtual event can also answer questions from participants in real-time.

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Step 3: Boost Engagement

Make sure to nurture the leads you get from the other strategies by engaging with potential students personally. You can do this through various means, including:

Virtual Events:

Organize and host virtual events, such as an online open house or webinars on specific topics of interest. You can also create video content to post on your website or social media channels.

Be sure to market these events properly so that your target audience is aware of them and knows how to access them. If you don’t know where to start, StudentBridge can help you with fresh virtual event ideas that can be tailored to your school.

Social Engagement Platforms

Capture and retain your target market by having them sign up with your school’s exclusive social engagement platforms. StudentBridge can help you develop an in-campus social network or a full-fledged tech platform with multiple features to facilitate conversations, collaboration, and content sharing between your school, its current students, and future enrollees.

Seek the help of StudentBridge today, and learn more about how our services are designed to help increase student enrollment.