How To Increase Community College Enrollment

Lauren Cunningham |Oct 04, 2022

Due in large part to the impact of the pandemic, the current landscape of higher education recruitment is declining. Because of this, recruitment officers are using every strategy they have to meet this year’s enrollment goals.

But as new marketing practices continuously emerge, it can be somewhat overwhelming to sift through the various approaches to try. This guide is for you if you ask yourself, “how can I improve community college enrollment?”

This article will teach you some of the best strategies to help you step up your recruitment efforts and get the desired results.

5 Strategies To Increase Enrollment in Community Colleges

Among the many recruitment best practices you can try, this guide has narrowed it down to the top five tried-and-true strategies proven to help you succeed, especially in today’s aggressive enrollment environment.

Focus on Building Your Brand

You need to build a distinguishable brand to set your school apart from other community colleges. From your visual aspects, such as logo, fonts, and campus, to your communication tactics and school values, everything needs to be aligned to deliver a specific message.

Nowadays, online platforms like social media, emails, and virtual tours are a great place to build your brand.

If you want to create a website for potential students to find you efficiently, you can seek professional assistance from StudentBridge.

Services like the StudentBridge Tech Platform enable you to create a page that details everything your school offers, including academic courses, campus life, maps, and much more. Through this platform, you can take the necessary steps to build your brand and engage with your school’s prospective students.

Advertise the Financial Advantages of Enrolling in Your College

Besides your brand, cost can also increase your enrollment rate this year. While there are several reasons high school students consider enrolling in community colleges, affordability takes the top spot.

According to an article by CNBC, the rate at which high school students will attend a four-year college decreased from 71% to 53% in 2021 — all because of the crippling cost it takes to attend a four-year degree program.

That said, if your community college offers low tuition fees, fewer fees, more scholarships, or substantial financial aid, you can entice more interested applicants to enroll at your school.

Offer Virtual Experiences to Potential Applicants

For the past few years, online engagement has become a significant player in connecting to the younger generation. That’s why leveraging virtual experiences can give you an upper hand in bringing in more enrollees.

StudentBridge’s virtual services include creating a video viewbook, developing interactive campus maps, hosting virtual events, and offering VisiTOUR™. All these give prospective applicants a chance to immerse themselves in the academic structure and campus life your college offers.

Personalize Communications With Students

Another strategy to get more students to enroll in your institution is cultivating their interests and making them feel involved. A great way to do so is to communicate with them personally and make them feel like they belong.

StudentBridge’s CampusBubble enables future students to join a private or public social network and engage with future classmates. By implementing this strategy, you can make your future students adjust faster and feel more comfortable in your school.

Use Digital Ads To Promote Your Community College

When high school students search for colleges they want to apply to, they use search engines like Google to find the right institutions. If you're going to increase your online visibility and reach as many potential students as possible, you should use digital marketing strategies like PPC and SEO.

While SEO can give you organic traffic, enhance your credibility, and build authority, PPC allows you to engage your audience at the appropriate time. As a result, you can gain more exposure and increase enrollment rates.

students on campus

Learn More About Increasing Enrollment Through this Webinar

If you want to learn more about how you can convert prospective students to enrollees, you can watch this webinar hosted by StudentBridge.

This webinar will discuss roadblocks in recruitment tactics and teach you seven unconventional methods to successfully target applicants and their families, regardless of whether they are transferees, graduate students, or first-year students.

Through data-driven methods and research-based studies, you can obtain critical tips to address common recruitment problems and increase your enrollment rates.

Case Study: The Success of StudentBridge

The expertise of StudentBridge in the educational sector has helped many institutions reach their recruitment goals and build a strong higher education community. Their numerous success stories are evidence of this, one of which is Augsburg University.

Augsburg University wanted to expand its recruitment efforts to surpass the immediate metro area and attract out-of-state students. The college wanted to allow these students to engage and immerse in the school community without having to travel for in-person tours.

The Augsburg recruitment team sought assistance from StudentBridge to develop a virtual experience where students can walk through the different facilities online.

To solve their problem, StudentBridge developed an interactive campus camp that highlighted the different areas of the school. Through the engaging integrated interface, students can learn more about the location, see photos, and read descriptions of every facility.

In addition, the virtual experience included student-narrated videos to help prospective applicants get an insider’s perspective on student life.

As a result, the school received an average of over 3,500 monthly visitors to its interactive campus map.

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