Free Marketing tools to Increase International Student Recruitment

StudentBridge Staff |Apr 28, 2017

There’s never enough money for international recruitment. Travel expenses prevent you from visiting all of your target countries, list purchases yield fewer names than you’d like to admit, and increased print and mailing costs make it harder to stretch funding to meet your recruitment goals.

We’ve found that institutions that take advantage of the following five tips and tricks end up spending less and yielding higher international numbers overall:

1. Build your international brand digitally. Create content tailored for your international students, then optimize it! Here’s some tips from Hubspot on how to optimize content on your site to ensure more organic traffic.

2. Understand what your international students want. Survey your currently enrolled international students to see what led them to enroll at your institution. How important were outcomes and job placement, campus safety, financial aid options, and on-campus housing?

3. Use your data. Now that you know what’s important and unimportant to your target audience, use that information to make decisions about what content you create for your international pages, your emails, and your print pieces.

4. Offer digital versions of print pieces. Better yet, translate them into the languages of your top five countries, then offer those pieces in a digital format, like a PDF or infographic on a web page.

5. Don’t be afraid to use lead magnets. Lead magnets and opt-in bribes are a helpful way to decrease your stealth numbers and increase the number of international students who raise their hand to you, without any additional cost to you. Do you have a blog or newsletter students might benefit from? Create a little content (and use those optimized tips!) for your international populations, then encourage readers to sign up for your blog or newsletter or social media sites - whatever outlets you already have and use.

What tips and tricks do you use to stretch your international recruitment budget?


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