How to Make Your College's Website Highlight the Features Students Are Looking For

Lauren Cunningham |Nov 10, 2022

Your website is the first thing prospective students see while researching colleges to attend. It serves as an essential part of someone's enrollment decision. Your website should be informative and attractive, easy to navigate, and must provide the details a prospective student wants.

Sharing what your college offers while delivering the necessary information to your target audience is also crucial. The design and content of your website won't matter much if the right people don't see it.

Below are methods for creating a website to highlight the features students want.

Establish a Mobile-Friendly Website

Some students start looking at colleges during their freshman and sophomore years of high school. Years ago, most people read brochures, visited campuses, and talked to their guidance counselors to determine which colleges suited their needs.

However, the current generation grew up with technology. These young people use their smartphones to do everything, including browsing the internet to choose colleges. That means you must optimize your website for mobile devices. Personalizing the content for teenagers as young as 14 is also vital.

Creating websites isn't only about including necessary information. You must target the generation preparing for the next stage in their education. If your website doesn't translate seamlessly to cell phones and tablets, it can ruin the user experience. Navigating your site will be confusing and challenging for them.

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Choose the Right Font

Font choice is as important as other features on a college website. It might seem to be an insignificant detail, but the right font sends a specific message. Visitors often associate the font with the university's level of prestige. It also contributes to your overall brand identity. The font you select must clearly define your brand standards, so it resonates with prospective students.

Use Catalogs as a Marketing Tool

Students planning for higher education often prioritize academic programs and the cost of education while looking at schools. Leveraging smart digital catalog management technology improves optimization for search engines and mobile devices.

You can incorporate catalogs into your marketing strategy. Integrating career pathways for prospective students allows them to calculate their return on educational investment. They can determine where specific programs will take them in future careers.

Personalized Content for Target Audience

You must obtain and analyze data and conduct market research to determine your target audience. That allows you to personalize your website to reach prospective students who want to attend your school.

Besides academics and cost, students want to learn more about athletics, community life, and activities. That means you must use the data you compile to feed information to the right students. You can highlight features visitors to your site look for to improve their experience. By leveraging your website to highlight relevant information, you engage different audiences with various needs.

The StudentBridge Tech Platform delivers services for personalizing college websites with features to enhance the virtual experience. The functionality allows access to real-time analytics, ongoing changes or edits, and automatic updates to comply with accessibility, security, and privacy requirements.

Communicate the Campus Experience with Photos and Videos

Your website's content should tell a story to draw the reader in and create a positive impact. A beautiful website with high-resolution photos shows prospective students what they can expect on campus.

You can showcase the buildings, recreational facilities, classrooms, and current students. Vivid and large images are more enticing. Visitors will likely view your website longer when captivating photos maintain their attention.

Many students pursue higher education far from home. However, visiting campuses in person might not be possible. That means you must get creative to show what it might be like to attend your college.

With StudentBridge's Video Viewbook, Interactive Campus Maps, and VisiTOUR™, you can customize videos and virtual tours for a fully-immersive experience.

Customize Your Content for Faculty

Your faculty members can learn how to market their programs to prospective students. StudentBridge helps create customized content for faculty to target students interested in specific majors and careers.

Check out our webinars to see other colleges' marketing strategies.

The Chief Communications & Marketing Officer at a private law school discusses hybrid and virtual law programs, the content students look for in their searches, and the channels most effective for different audiences and programs.

Watch the Marketing & Communications Manager at a pharmacy school talk about how they differentiate their program from others and the state of enrollment marketing for pharmacy schools.

You can also learn from two team members in Biology and Biomedical Sciences about their take on increasing STEM field access and bringing students to their classrooms by combining personal outreach and mass marketing.

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Get Help Delivering an Exceptional Digital Experience Students Expect

Using your website to deliver the digital experience prospective clients want starts with utilizing the necessary tools. Your college can attract your target audience with the right platform and features to make you stand out from other schools.

At StudentBridge, we take pride in the services we offer to meet our customers' enrollment and conversion goals. Our Case Studies show the countless colleges we have helped over the years.

Call StudentBridge at (678) 824-8181 or reach out to us online if you want to drive enrollment to your educational institution with a personalized digital engagement solution.


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