How To Scale a Personalized College Recruitment Strategy

Lauren Cunningham |Nov 21, 2022

The recruitment process has been based on one-to-one interactions between admissions officers and prospective students for many years. However, with the technological advances we’ve seen in recent years, colleges and universities can no longer rely on this method alone.

Scaling your personalized college recruitment strategy means generating consistent, high-quality leads at a lower cost per lead. It requires an understanding of the modern college student and what they’re looking for in a school. With this knowledge, you can create a strategy that uses the latest technology and marketing tools to reach students where they are and deliver a personalized message that resonates.

If you are wondering how to scale a personalized college recruitment strategy, StudentBridge can help.

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Know What Your College Offers

Always start with knowing what your college offers. When you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can focus your recruitment strategy on the areas that will be most effective. Developing or refining your system is easier when you clearly understand your institution’s unique value proposition.

Maintain Your Digital Presence

In 2021, Silverback Strategies reported that at least 91% of parents visited college websites for information about schools. Additionally, 54% of students preferred personalized websites. This makes maintaining your digital presence critical to reaching parents and prospective students.

The StudentBridge Tech Platform helps you personalize your audience’s virtual experiences and provides real-time analytics. The tool uses robust technology to support your recruitment goals and give you the insights you need to improve your strategy.

Share Your Campus Story

Scaling a personalized college recruitment strategy becomes even more feasible when you effectively share your campus story. With StudentBridge, we can help you amplify your most valuable asset with immersive digital experiences.

Our Video Viewbook is fully-customizable for your school. It allows you to show off what your campus offers in the most realistic way possible. It fosters an emotional connection with your audience that other schools can’t match. The tool increases application chances by ten times, helping in every funnel stage, from brand awareness to admitted students.

Offer Hybrid Options

Remember that not all prospective students are available to tour your campus personally, especially when it involves traveling long distances and the incurred costs of doing so. Lots of seniors rely on virtual tours to make enrollment decisions. When you offer virtual options and experiences, you help them learn more about your school from the comfort of their homes.

Virtual Campus Tours

StudentBridge helps universities and colleges provide Interactive Campus Maps to interested students. These digital maps guarantee immersive 3D campus tours, giving visitors a chance to experience campus life. Complete with embedded videos, 360° images, and detailed descriptions with links, our maps provide an all-in-one solution that’s engaging and informative.

Self-Guided Visits

For prospective students visiting campuses in person, colleges and universities can rely on VisiTOUR for safe and contactless visits. The app focuses on self-guided tours so visitors can explore campuses at their own pace.

Transylvania University is one of the many universities that have reaped the benefits of this tool. The small private university in Lexington relied on VisiTOUR as a solution for families and students to tour their campus independently without compromising personal and engaging narratives. The university saw about 12,000 VisiTOUR users in the first few months, and the app has been a game-changer for its recruitment strategy.

Virtual Events

StudentBridge’s Virtual Event Solutions help you increase attendance, participation, and engagement. Traditional on-campus and in-person events have become a thing of the past. These days, colleges and universities must offer engaging virtual events to connect with prospective students. There are plenty of ways to communicate with prospective students online, from open houses and webinars to information sessions and virtual fairs.

Encourage Student Social Engagement

The best source for reviews is your student body. When you encourage social engagement, you’re not only promoting your school but also giving current students a chance to share their experiences. StudentBridge has CampusBubble as a platform for students to connect, providing public or private social chat groups, discussion forums, and event management tools. It’s an excellent way for students to get involved with campus life and introduce prospective students to your school’s culture.

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Be Transparent

Whichever strategy you choose, transparency will always be vital in gaining and maintaining the trust of prospective students and their families. Be upfront with your school’s policies, procedures, culture, and statistics. Trust and rapport will follow, and you’ll be able to offer students the education they need and want.

Scale Your Personalized College Recruitment Strategy With StudentBridge

College recruitment season always involves a lot of hustle and bustle. Every year, colleges and universities set their sights on students in the country and do whatever it takes to get them to enroll. The ultimate goal is to provide all learners with the education they need to succeed in their chosen fields. StudentBridge has the tools and solutions you need to reach these students and get them excited about your school.

Our platforms are designed to increase your school’s awareness, engagement, and conversions. From interactive campus maps and self-guided tours to virtual events, we have everything you need to succeed in your recruitment strategy. Learn more about StudentBridge’s services to increase client enrollment today!


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