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StudentBridge Staff |Oct 26, 2015

Interactive Campus Map

Today’s average applicant begins their selection process with dozens of schools in mind, meaning that the every campus is competing for their future graduates. It is imperative that colleges have the online resources to convert casual browsers into applicants and future graduates.

As an admissions department at a public or private university, you need to reach your Gen Z audience with the convenience and feature-rich design of an interactive campus map. Simply put, the schools with the most innovative virtual features will attract more applicants on an annual basis, drawing in the highest caliber students from across the country.

An interactive campus map offers the convenience of a full-fledged campus tour, allowing users to interact with buildings, landmarks and other campus features directly from their computer. At StudentBridge, our team has worked with dozens of schools across the country, bringing the highest standard in campus accessibility and online exploration.

When your university is ready to partner with StudentBridge, you have made a conscious decision to boost the profile of your incoming class. When it comes down it, marketing your school to the brightest young minds should be fun and interactive, which is exactly what our online solutions provide.

How It Works

When a college campus partners with StudentBridge, our team of professional designers, videographers, and developers works hand-in-hand with the university to bring out the very best in the school’s unique campus life. From dormitories to dining halls, an interactive campus map gives your applicants the chance to see the school in its entirety.

Campus hotspots can be easily selected with the click of a button, even from a mobile device or tablet, to reveal images, videos, and other information about on-campus destinations. Students can map out their future class schedule, figure out which dorm will be the best fit, and explore the average classroom – all without leaving their computer.

StudentBridge offers the most comprehensive solutions to online campus interactivity. Our design packages include customized 3D mapping, integrated video playback, and campus hot spots.

Why It Works

With thousands of students interested in your school, it is particularly hard to establish a personal connection with each applicant. Luckily, an interactive campus map makes that goal a little bit easier. Of course, students want to know that their institutions of higher education are tech-savvy enough to offer this basic feature, but they also want to feel that their prospective school has the right vibe.

While users can scroll through images in search engine results, it’s always best that a school caters to their future applicants, offering the in-depth online tools they deserve. A user that explores the campus with an interactive map is more likely to send in an application, more likely to make contact with your admissions department, and more likely to schedule an on-campus visit. The process starts with the simple convenience of an interactive campus map.

About StudentBridge

For over ten years, our team of campus experts has provided the all-access online tools that colleges need to attract the best students year in and year out. When you partner with StudentBridge, our team will develop the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to give students a taste of campus.

From our office in Atlanta, our team is mapping out some of the most prestigious university campuses in the world. Yours could be next. Schedule a demo today and see why StudentBridge is the perfect fit for your campus.


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