Personalized Experiences Draw in Gen Z

StudentBridge Staff |Jun 01, 2021

Quality marketing has never been one-size-fits-all. To truly connect with your audience, now more than ever, you have to tailor your language and content to each unique individual. Personalized marketing allows you to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and virtual campus experiences.

Traditional Approaches vs. Personalized Marketing

With traditional marketing, you create a message or experience that is sent to everyone in your database hoping to get some attention and maybe even a conversion.

Personalized marketing is one-to-one marketing—you as a university to an individual student. Content is individualized to the young adult consuming it based on data collected and behavioral analysis. This process allows you to present virtual campus tours that are more relevant and appeal to their specific interests.

The Marketing Gen Z Expects

If you want to reach this generation, you have to recognize them as individuals. Gen Z came of age with this type of marketing as the standard. They consider receiving personalized content to be more important than maintaining their privacy. A survey of 1,200 people revealed that 44% will share their personal data to create a more personalized experience over an anonymous one. And, in fact, 44% of Gen Z would stop visiting a website if it didn’t anticipate what they needed, liked, or wanted.

While it may feel like it makes logical sense to keep your content broad and suitable to the widest possible audience, research shows that without personalization, today's young adults walk away.

Personalized Marketing Tools

How can you enhance your virtual college tours with personalized marketing? We can help.

Here at StudentBridge, we've just launched a new feature that allows you to create personalized URLs for each prospective student to direct them to a virtual campus experience. The personalization not only recognizes and welcomes them but allows you to track access, evaluate engagement and mine data.

However, the most important feature is that you can personalize the content the visitor sees, giving them a unique experience that appeals to their interests.

Once created, you can embed personalized URLs in the following marketing campaigns:

If your goal is an increased click-through rate and more applications, you have to improve student experience. Find out how you can create a personalized virtual tour for your prospective students by scheduling a meeting with us today.


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