The 6 Best University Websites for Attracting Student Enrollment and Why They Work

Lauren Cunningham |Nov 21, 2022

Choosing a university can be a difficult decision for students. The number of universities available today can make the choice seem daunting. How do students determine which is the best one for them? One crucial factor to consider is the school’s website.

The college or university’s website is a prospective student’s first impression of the school, and it can be a deciding factor in whether or not they ultimately decide to apply. In this blog post, we will look at six of the best university websites and explore why they are so successful in attracting student enrollment.

The 6 Best University Websites and Why They Work in Terms of Attracting Student Enrollees

These days, everything has gone digital. That’s why it’s not surprising that even the way we market and promote our universities has changed, and one of the most effective ways to do so is through university websites.

Your website is often the first point of contact between your institution and a prospective student. It’s essential to ensure that yours is up to par and able to sell your university to those who visit it effectively.

What makes a great university website? How can you ensure that yours can attract students and encourage them to enroll?

Here are six of the best university websites out there and what they do right in terms of attracting student enrollees:

a college campus

Augsburg University

Augsburg University decided that they wanted to recruit students from beyond the nearby metropolitan area and attract prospective students from other states. StudentBridge was able to help Augsburg University by creating an interactive campus map. This interactive campus map helped give prospective students a feel for what the school was like and what it offered without having to visit the campus physically.

Transylvania University

Transylvania University sought a solution for students and their families to be able to visit the school campus on their own time while still having the ability to facilitate the experience they would otherwise receive by taking a guided school tour.

StudentBridge’s VisiTOUR is a browser-based mobile app that allows prospective students to follow either a pre-set or personalized tour through campus, with integrated audio clips and photos highlighting each point of interest.

Georgia Southern University

The outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 resulted in widespread shutdowns, including the closure of college campuses. This forced colleges and universities to create virtual events for their students. Georgia Southern University was one such school that had to cancel its Accepted Students Day event, Eagle Preview, which was initially scheduled for early April.

StudentBridge’s solution was the tech platform, which included video content from the Admissions office and an overview of each college at Georgia Southern University. Student profiles, a campus tour, and a housing application were also available. Lastly, students had the opportunity to join live Zoom sessions.

Southwestern Law School

Southwestern Law School’s website was unsightly, clunky, and generally ineffective. Although they had a ton of content, their average visit duration was abysmally short. After StudentBridge visited Southwestern Law and created their customized Video Viewbook, they saw a significant increase in time on site and enrollment.

Kean University

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, Kean University held seven open houses every autumn for students interested in attending graduate or undergraduate programs. Because community is such an integral part of the Kean experience, their team wanted to guarantee that prospects would be able to meet virtually with a significant number of administrators, faculty, and staff members.

StudentBridge created a virtual event for Kean University that involved live and recorded content and a welcome message from the Dean. There were also overviews of each academic college, plus live panels and talks with campus personnel and current students.

Wayne State College

Wayne State College sought to enhance its recruiting process by making it more authentic and student-focused. StudentBridge created a Video Viewbook and an Interactive Campus Map, so Wayne State could lead all prospective students to one central location, which would apply to all their other marketing promotions.

Wayne State has improved its yield rate (the number of students who accept an offer of admission after being admitted) by 5% simply by rerouting traffic to its StudentBridge site first. There, Wayne State provides a realistic digital experience that allows viewers to acquire a vision of what campus life is like. This makes it more likely for prospective students to choose Wayne State over other colleges.

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Attracting Student Enrollment with StudentBridge

These are just a few examples of how higher education institutions successfully use StudentBridge’s technology to drive enrollment and increase their yield rate. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your school. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and goals. Schedule a demo with StudentBridge today or reach out to us, so you can learn more about all that we have to offer. With us, you can be confident that you’re making the best decision for your institution.