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The Top 10 Features of the VisiTOUR™ App

Lauren Cunningham |Sep 27, 2021

Provide a personal tour guide to every campus visitor with VisiTOUR, the StudentBridge self-guided tour app. VisiTOUR is a perfect solution for on campus visitors when traditional tours are overbooked, but that is far from the only reason it is now an indispensable tool for admissions offices.

Take a look at the list below to discover 10 more ways VisiTOUR can improve your institution’s campus visit experience, or watch this video to learn more!

1. It replaces traditional paper maps.

By directing your campus visitors to VisiTOUR rather than handing them a paper map, your campus can significantly reduce its paper waste, and save money from constant reprints in the process. Additionally, with the majority of prospective students being Gen Z, they are much more used to and comfortable using a GPS system to navigate rather than a paper map.

2. It’s accessible through QR codes.

QR codes leading directly to VisiTOUR can be placed in the windows of the most prominent buildings on campus for visitors, such as the admissions office or the student center. This provides a tour with no notice to visitors who inadvertently find campus, and those who arrive on campus after hours when traditional tours are not available.

3. It doesn’t require a download.

VisiTOUR is a web-based app, meaning that users do not have to download anything in order to use it. It is easy to use, and connects to Google Maps to help prospective students and families navigate around campus.

4. It uses NameCapture technology.

When VisiTOUR is opened, it prompts the user to input some information, such as their name and email. This way, it can be used as a lead generation tool to turn unregistered guests into potential applicants.

5. It covers the extra spots a traditional tour doesn’t have time to.

It is simply not possible to show off all the buildings on a college campus in one hour on a traditional campus tour. Tell guests about VisiTOUR when their guided tour is over so they can learn more about and explore the areas of campus they were not able to see.

6. It includes customized special interest tours.

VisiTOUR allows institutions to create several curated tours tailored to specific topics. This may include an athletics facilities tour, a dorm tour, or maybe even a tour of off-campus locations that students frequent in the surrounding area.

7. It allows visitors to personalize their experience.

On top of the special interest tours VisiTOUR already has, users can also select locations they want to see to create their own tour. The app will create a logical route to all the points of interest added, and users can take notes on what they see directly in the app to save for later or share.

8. It shows 360° images of building interiors.

When the interior of a building is not accessible to the public, VisiTOUR can include a 360° photo so visitors can still “see” what it looks like. Each location listed on VisiTOUR can also include up to 10 still photos and a text description.

9. It can include audio and voice overs.

Especially on busy urban campuses, it is impossible to stop and watch a video while touring. The VisiTOUR audio allows visitors to walk and listen to information at the same time, which also more closely mimics the traditional tour experience than video.

10. It has CTA buttons on the bottom of every page.

The bottom of each page on the VisiTOUR app has buttons that lead directly to the institution .edu site. Users can request information, or even apply directly from the VisiTOUR app.

If VisiTOUR sounds like a solution that could benefit your campus, schedule a meeting to chat with StudentBridge today!