Virtual Campus Tours for Colleges and Universities

StudentBridge Staff |Oct 19, 2015

Virtual Campus Tours for Colleges and Universities

Take an online tour of your campus with StudentBridge! Featuring the newest virtual technology to connect applicants to their future schools. Tour now!


Trying to attract more high-quality applicants to your university? Today’s college students need access to a wide range of information before making their final acceptance decision. Technology has drastically changed the way that students begin the admissions process, so integrated online tools are some of the best ways to reach your audience of future graduates.

From virtual campus tours to interactive videos, connecting with the latest generation of college applicants is easier with StudentBridge. Our comprehensive online solutions are designed to market your school with the convenience of modern technology, bringing the beauty of your campus directly to the applicant’s living room.

With over ten years of experience working with public and private universities, our team has come to a single conclusion: learning about college should be engaging. Without the right online tools, your school is losing potential applicants to other in-state or out-of-state rivals. In today’s fast-paced, digital environment, a tech-savvy and web-friendly campus tour brings out the best in your school.

Why should your university partner with StudentBridge?

What makes your campus special? From historic landmarks to state-of-the-art classrooms, your applicants deserve to know why your campus is better than the rest. Students can effortlessly map out their future education plans, from dorm living to dining options.

Attracting students from across the country is easier with virtual campus tours. Travel plans are always expensive, so online tours allow your school to appeal to thousands of distant applicants that are waiting to apply. With our help, your school can compete for the best students from across the country.

At StudentBridge, our team understands that your university has a strong brand to uphold – that’s why all of our packages are designed with the best equipment, by the best designers, and by the best online advisors. Our team will work with your admissions office until you are satisfied that students get the online experience they crave.


Thanks to virtual campus tours from StudentBridge, prospective students can get an all-access pass into your school, with the chance to view your classrooms, athletic facilities and dining halls from the comfort of their own hom

Our goal is to connect applicants with the information they need before, during, and after the admissions process, cutting down on the stress and making the big decision just a little bit easier. Through the use of emotionally engaging video content in the virtual campus tour, students will have the opportunity to imagine themselves at your institution and decide if this will be their next home.

Looking for more information about StudentBridge? From our Atlanta office, our company is working with college campuses around the world and yours could be next. Give us a call and put your school on the map with virtual campus tours by StudentBridge. Call us today at (678) 242-1400.


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