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Your admitted students are your most qualified prospects.

Drive enrollment yield and retention with the ultimate student experience. Provide an online community and single source of information for admitted and current students. Students who are connected to your institution are students who continue through graduation.

Provide a way for students to connect: Students who feel a connection to your campus are more likely to choose to attend and to stay until graduation. Messaging functionality and calendar events allow students to feel connected.

Students engage in a relevant way for them: Students can engage with an institution by finding the relevant information for them, using resources like the roommate finder, groups for specific interests, and messaging to college officials.


Analytics help keep students on campus: Engagement Scoring and high-level analytics help focus recruitment efforts on prospective students most likely to matriculate and current students most likely to drop out.

Seal the Deal

A slight reallocation of financial resources to yield marketing offers a greater return on your investment than focusing primarily on the top of the funnel. Capture your admitted students' attention with a personalized approach to yield marketing. Engage them, move them through the funnel, and reach your enrollment goals.

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Personalized website for each admitted student
  • No IT resources necessary for implementation
  • Engage students through a 'virtual' community
  • Track student engagement
  • Score student actions

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