CampusBubble - Student Social Engagement Platform

Engage with students and enable them to connect with one another through public or private social chat groups.

No matter where your students are, CampusBubble allows students to interact and chat in real-time in private groups or bubbles.

Bubbles can be set up and managed centrally or students can browse groups and request to join groups of interest.

“Due to our outstanding partnership and experience working with StudentBridge, we decided to explore how CampusBubble could contribute to our efforts to connect and engage with our student body. While we think CampusBubble will help us during the pandemic, we look forward to using this tool for many years to come.  As we try to create many on-ramps for students to find their place on our campus, we know that CampusBubble provides many paths to that type of connection and involvement.”


Robin M. Williamson, Ph.D.
Dean of Students

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