Transylvania University

Key Facts:
Small Private University
1,000 Students
Lexington, KY


Located in Lexington, KY, Transylvania boasts a beautiful campus nestled in the heart of an up-and-coming city. The team was looking for a solution where families and students could tour the campus on their own but still get the school’s perspective and narrative to showcase the campus as personal and engaging.

Our Solution

VisiTOUR™ is a browser-based Mobile app that enables prospective students to follow a set or personalized tour through campus with integrated audio clips and photos highlighting each point of interest along the way. With their VisiTOUR app, students now have the opportunity to tour the campus on their own time, at their own pace. 

"StudentBridge turned this around for us very quickly. We're super happy with the product and we've gotten a lot of compliments from families. Even when things get back to some sense of normalcy we will continue this virtual aspect of the campus visit."

Johnnie Johnson
Vice President of Admissions
VisiTOUR users in the first few months
hours spent in VisiTOUR

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