Indiana State University


Indiana State University came to Campus Bubble hoping to provide their admitted students with a private network that maintained the integrity of their school brand and identity.

Our team worked closely with Santhana Naidu, Associate VP of Marketing and Communications, to ensure that every aspect of the Indiana State Bubble showcased their brand and provided students with a seamless experience with the University.

"Things are great and we’re really pleased with the launch. Everything has gone smoothly. You guys do a terrific job with planning, launch and addressing issues! Nika is wonderful to work with and we’re really pleased overall."

Santhana Naidu

Associate vp of marketing and communications

Indiana State University

The Indiana State Bubble launched in early December 2015, and students were chatting and finding roommates within the hour. With CB’s beautifully-designed emails and well-timed calls to action, more students join the Bubble and keep coming back.


Data-backed results


  • 479 posts created by admitted students
  • 494 comments created by admitted students
  • 10,296 messages sent between admitted students
  • 87% of students access the app on a mobile device
  • 119 average daily active users
  • 1 current student video blogger