Virtual Campus Map Creation Services for Colleges and Universities

Our custom maps highlight the best features of your campus.

Our experienced map artists create photo-realistic, 3D renderings of your campus highlighting specific points of interest. For each location, we embed relevant video, photos and descriptions with links for more information.

Campus Map

Focuses on the points of interest on the campus itself

City Map

For urban campuses with dense building clusters and buildings that are taller than eight stories

Area Map

Covers a larger area where campuses span more than 1.5 miles

Dollhouse Map

Single buildings that peel away to reveal each level and floor plan of the structure

Season Map

Maps showing campus in different seasons

Water Features

Maps including a central lake, river or ocean front

"We are just thrilled with our Video Viewbook and Interactive Campus Map. StudentBridge has been extremely helpful, always professional and we definitely benefited from their expertise."

Kelly A. Walter
Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions
Boston University

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