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You buy thousands of names each year, but get no insight into who is behind them until they reach out to you. With the Personalized Engagement Platform from StudentBridge, that will all change.

What do you know about your prospects at the top of the funnel? Whether you acquired them through a purchased list or you have requests for more information coming in through your website, you don't usually have a lot of context to go along with the name and the email address.

Enter: The Personalized Engagement Platform by StudentBridge. 

Distribute personalized content at scale and learn more about your prospects, helping you discover insights about your prospects and prioritize the students who are most likely to engage.

  • Do more with the email addresses you are already buying
  • Deliver personalized content on-demand
  • Help students tailor the information they want to see - and leave out the rest
  • Capture insights like never before by providing students with a platform to tell you their interests


Students walking together as they enjoy time together


How It Works:


step 1 - computer screen shows the welcome screen where students personalize their experience

Step 1:

Send personalized experiences to your entire purchased list.

step 2 - computer screen shows options a student could use to customize the platform


Each prospect can personalize content based on interests.

Step 3 - student is presented with a customized experience based on their responses


Get more insight into your prospects with our engagement scoring.


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