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Personalized Engagement Platform

What do you know about your prospects at the top of the funnel? Whether you acquired them through a purchased list or you have requests for more information coming in through your website, you don't usually have a lot of context to go along with the name and the email address.

  • Do more with the email addresses you are already buying
  • Deliver personalized content on-demand
  • Help students tailor the information they want to see - and leave out the rest
  • Capture insights like never before by providing students with a platform to tell you their interests

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Step 3


Video Viewbook

Enable each student to follow their interests and create their own journey through your branded video content. 
Help students answer the key question, "Will I fit in?"

  • Control your brand experience.
  • Targeted video segments cater to a shorter attention span.
  • No distracting ads for competitor schools.
  • Inspire stealth visitors to take action.
  • No negative or off-message video.

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