StudentBridge 3.0


StudentBridge is the only Edtech platform to deliver prospective students and schools Better ENGAGEMENT, Better INSIGHTS, and Better DECISIONS.

For Students

  • Seamless experience across all devices
  • Save locations on campus that interest them
  • Suggest new content relevant to their interests
  • Automatically suggest student specific playlists
  • Consistent experience from online to on campus

For Schools

  • Focus attention on students likely to apply
  • Rank your most effective content
  • Make informed decisions on content targeting
  • Capture detailed information about prospects
  • Communicate and answer questions in real time


Increase understanding and engagement with your brand: StudentBridge allows users to browse relevant content and create personalized profiles to curate, save and share. Understanding preferences allows you to develop better content for prospective students when, where and how they want it.


Extend dwell times and increase return visits: StudentBridge has a powerful AI engine that provides content recommendations relevant to a students’ unique interests. A more personalized experience builds a better relationship with prospects and helps you effectively market to those who mean the most.



Convert the “best fit” students for your programs: StudentBridge tracks behavioural data and uses predictive analytics to provide better insights. You can focus your efforts and create a meaningful relationship earlier in the student journey with those who are most likely to enroll and ultimately graduate.

“One of the biggest impacts that we have had is the StudentBridge platform.”

Mariah Hughes
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Eastern Maine Community College
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