The StudentBridge Tech Platform

Behind our front-end digital solutions lives a robust technology platform.

StudentBridge is the only digital solutions provider to deliver a full stack of features, functionality and on-going support services with every virtual experience. The platform enables personalization, on-going edits or changes, access to real-time analytics and automatic updates to ensure security, privacy and accessibility compliance.

Turn stealth visitors into prospects by integrating our NameCapture form into any solution.
Track activity and conversions with real-time access from the analytics dashboard.
Update messages, links and images whenever you like with our Content Management System.
We ensure your solutions meet current security, privacy and accessibility requirements.
Connect your solutions to your existing CRM for a complete view into the funnel.

"Your team is always looking for ways to improve our tour and the analytics behind the scenes and we are always willing to make adjustments when programs change or when we want to make additions to the site."

Morgan Robinson
Director of Marketing
University of Florida Warrington College of Business
54% of students prefer websites that allow them to personalize content to meet their interests

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