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Tell your school's authentic story

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Increase Engagement to Drive Student Action

Drive your prospects to a custom-branded microsite where you can tell your school's unique story using a rich, multi-media experience. In this environment, you can inspire stealth visitors to take action, and drive a material increase in the students who engage with calls to action and take the next step. 

In your custom-branded web experience, your content is tailored exclusively for prospective students. You can count on no distractions, ads or off-message video and keep your messaging on point.

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Engaging Content: Peer-delivered messages that Gen Z wants to see
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Interactive Delivery: Increased watch times and on-page conversions
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Conversion: Prospective students raise their hands and apply earlier

Tell Your Authentic Story

Enable each student to follow their interests and create their own journey through your branded video content. 
Help students answer the key question, "Will I fit in?"


With a Video Viewbook from StudentBridge, you'll have the power to:

  • Control your brand experience.
  • Targeted video segments cater to a shorter attention span.
  • Inspire stealth visitors to take action.
  • No negative or off-message video.

Giving Prospects the Experience They Want

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