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VisiTOURTM allows campus visitors to engage with your campus in a meaningful way - on their own terms.



Looking to give unannounced campus visitors an engaging and meaningful tour experience?

Want to help prospects explore when they come after hours or your admissions tours are over capacity?

VisiTOURTM allows on-campus visitors to engage with your campus in meaningful way. Visitors can view nearby buildings, take a self-guide standard admissions tour or create their own personalized tour based on their unique interests.

  • Drive increased calls-to-action encouraging stealth visitors to engage while on campus, turning visitors into prospects.
  • Provide a relevant and personal campus tour experience to visitors by allowing them to see the locations that interest them.
  • Prospective students can put meaning to the buildings on your campus and start to imagine their live as a student.

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How It Works:


visitour step 1

Step 1:

Direct visitors to your VisiTOURTM landing page, where they can personalize their visit.

visitour step 2


Start the tour, which will give them walking directions through your campus on their chosen route.

visitour step 3


At each step, give them further insights with descriptions, video and 360 images of what is on the inside. 


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