Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your campus when tours are overbooked or unavailable during off-hours. 

VisiTOUR, leverages the power of Google Maps to guide on-site visitors through your campus using 360° images, videos, audio and text to highlight each stop on the tour. This virtual tour guide is a Web-based app and doesn’t require an app download and can be used to convert stealth campus visitors into prospects.

Give your visitors a full campus tour experience, 24/7, with or without a tour guide.


Never lose a conversion, even when your office is closed or overbooked

60% Of A Student’s Decision Is Made Before Ever Identifying Themselves
3 Median Number Of Schools Each Prospect Will Visit
$1-3k Average Cost For Campus Visit. Make It Worthwhile


Bring your on-campus tour to all visitors, 24/7.
Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your campus on holidays
or weekends, to walk-ins and large groups, and during high-volume seasons.

Engaging Content

Engaging Content

Develop emotional rapport by connecting prospective students with their potential futures, regardless of when they visit your campus. Use 360° images, videos, audio, and text to highlight each stop on your tours.

Interactive Delivery

Interactive Delivery

Use the power of Google Maps to guide on-site visitors around your campus using pre-built tours or let them build their own.
The best part? There’s no download necessary!



Convert scheduled or unscheduled, stealth campus visitors into prospects so they can be engaged with by your university.  

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Just like StudentBridge and our clients, our components work better together. Check out the solutions below that combine our components to get you even more impressive results.


Top of Funnel

Attract prospective students with emotional content and personalized experiences based on specific interests



Virtual Campus

Wow prospective students with branded and interactive solutions that create emotional connections



Bottom of Funnel

Remind prospective students why they chose your school and reassure them that they made the right choice


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