Building an Inquiry Pool Without Fall Travel On Demand

Hear How Colleges Are Deploying New Recruitment Strategies

Entering into fall recruitment this year brings a change in tactics and a revamp of strategies because of canceled fall travel, in-person events, and on-campus experiences.

How are other colleges and universities facing these challenges as name pools shrink and nearly all recruitment goes virtual?

StudentBridge and our University Partners share how their fall recruitment plans have been impacted and the solutions they plan on implementing. After the live panel, there is an audience Q&A session for more detailed answers.

Interested in what the audience had to say? Check out our poll results and watch the webinars on-demand to learn more.

September 16, 2020

Heather Levesque
Director of Admissions at East Tennessee State University
View Their Virtual Campus Experience and Tour

Jen Phillips
Associate Director of Recruitment at Sourthern Illinoise University
View Their Virtual Campus Experience and Tour

Joan Ebnet
Assistant Director of Admissions at the University of Wisconsin Stout
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Poll Results

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