How to Harness the Power of Persuasion: Influential Strategies for Higher Ed

StudentBridge Staff |Feb 19, 2020

Being an "Influencer" has become a full-time job over the last several years, offering individuals (and even companies) the ability to create a large following, to generate high conversions and revenue, and to catapult themselves from mundane to fame overnight.

So what’s stopping higher ed professionals from taking advantage of the power of persuasion and influence? How can we take the concepts of influence and persuasion to help guide prospective students to the colleges and universities that offer the right fit and feel?

Watch this webinar to analyze the foundational principles of persuasion and influence in 2019, understand how they can be molded to engage with your prospective student, and how to incorporate these principles into your marketing and admissions strategies using Personalized Rich Media.

Open Webinar